Co-curricular Activities


Exposure to a plethora of co-curricular experiences in Fine arts, Visual arts, Performing arts, Physical education, Fitness and sports programmes, Information and Communication Technology integration make learning at Universal complete.


Our life skills curriculum offers sound values and skills to nurture the child to become an active global citizen committed to finding solutions to the challenges of life in the 21st century.


Our Self Defence and Disaster management programme deserves a special mention as it prepares our students to deal with unforeseen eventualities.


We believe that each child is unique with a different learning potential and is blessed with a distinct learning style. We, at Universal  believe that assessment is a means to measure the learning outcome of each student and learning need analysis of the learning group.

Therefore, we provide a variety of learning experiences to tap the learners’ full potential and identify the learning needs of students.

At the Primary Grade Levels, we conduct periodic Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation through written and activity based assignments planned based on the various learning experiences enjoyed by the students during the teaching learning sessions.

At the Secondary Grade Levels, the students are being exposed and trained for the Summative Evaluation pattern. Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation is conducted periodically as well to check the effectiveness of the learning process.

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