Technology-Based Learning

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  • The tablet aided digitalised curriculum for every child is more interactive – and whole lot of fun at EISN. The education specific WIFI device preloaded with multimedia presentations, experiments and games with a built in camera and microphone takes the entire learning process to a new level.
  • EISN incorporates a digitalised curriculum where students do a host of things including research projects, making presentations, practice skills and worksheets.
  • Additionally, teachers say – independent tablet aided learning gives them the opportunity to focus on individual coaching rather than getting bogged down by routine tasks.
  • It also allows teachers to see who has progressed and who is struggling. Thus making constructive assessments and feed backs.
  • Classroom with 55” LED screens powered with Google Chrome cast.
  • Electronic identity card integrated with all service offerings of school is used as access control, for attendance and tracking the child’s movement in the premises, for seamless issue of books in library with electronically tracked records. Bus attendance can also be done by using multipurpose electronic identity card.  The technology is also used for tracking bus attendance and cashless transactions with the cafeteria.
  • Nashik’s first School with a dedicated e-library. EISN has positioned Barnes and Noble’s ‘Nook’ e-book reader extensively in the library – in addition to our traditional books.
  • E-notice boards to display circulars and announcements
  • The administration blogs/tweets/publishes all circulars, schedules and news items on the website. Parents can subscribe to email alerts, tweets, buzzes and fees via the website and facebook.
  • Structured Robotics Programme.