Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Ebenezer’s pre-primary school is a place where children enjoy themselves, make friends, feel secure and love to learn.

We are proud to be a rare school that has archived macro and micro lesson plans from widely researched eclectic materials, supported by technology, and using diverse teaching methods that are layered and scaled to flow seamlessly across grades.

Carefully planned lessons integrate all the learning areas and develop the multiple intelligences in the child.

The curriculum focuses on the whole child and aims a holistic and fun filled learning.  We begin training young minds to question, hypothesize, enquire, experiment and discuss to find answers.

Our 4-year pre-primary programme —based on the British National Curriculum’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) -offers the essential foundation and an ideal preparation for progression through the Primary School and beyond. EYFS is a comprehensive framework for learning, development & care of children from birth to five.


Primary and Secondary


Academic Courses

We offers Central Board of  Secondary Education Program (CBSE).

Teachers with a heart to inspire every child

Teachers undergo training and leadership programs to stay updated on the latest techniques in academics and classroom management.

Delivery Methodology & Learning Styles

We believe in blending the best of educational theories, philosophies and research to achieve our desire to provide well-rounded education.  Students actively construct and engage in the process of ‘discovery learning’ through well-planned and creatively inclined activities.

Teacher Focus


EBEN Model of Education

Ebenezer has evolved EBEN Model of Education. EBEN is a robust curriculum that assimilates knowledge and skills in a proprietary methodology and pedagogy ensuring well-rounded education of the student.